Ciara Clancy


Laureate 2015 for Europe

Ciara Clancy

Beats Medical, IRELAND
Delivers sound wave treatment for people with Parkinson’s disease via a mobile application.
Ciara Clancy worked for several years with sufferers of Parkinson’s in her native Ireland, both as a physiotherapist and volunteer. Upon graduation from Trinity College, Dublin, she launched Beats Medical in 2012, at the age of 22.
Impaired mobility
Because their balance is impaired, patients with Parkinson’s experience various mobility symptoms. “As a result, these people suffer from shortened shuffling steps, sometimes freezing completely, stuck on a spot, unable to move.”

From a physiotherapist to a salesperson
Being CEO of a medical company means combining different roles - therapist, manager, salesperson and technology expert. To keep her business expanding, Ciara has discovered that the fundamental skill is knowing how to adapt quickly. “We want to keep sharing our product with numerous people around the globe. We already have people using the product in the US, Singapore, Australia and across Europe.” Not only the patients benefit from the treatment but also their loved ones. “Their families and carers play a big part in this whole story.”

620 miles
“One particularly incredible, amazing and inspiring person used our product as he walked from the bottom of the United Kingdom to the top which was over 620 miles. These are the stories that motivate me and that really make it all worthwhile.”

“In a healthy brain there is a metronome that allows you or I to walk normally. In Parkinson’s disease, this is impaired. We provide that metronome again."

Empowering people in their care
Sound wave treatment enables patients to regain mobility. Unfortunately this therapy was only used in clinics until recently and symptoms persisted as people left hospitals. The purpose of Beats Medical was to give this treatment daily via the mobile phone “so that people can go home, have the tools to take control and feel empowered in their care”, says Ciara.